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David Tatnall


David Tatnall has been making fine art photographs in Australia since the mid 1970s. He has worked professionally as a fine art photographer since the mid 1980’s. His passion is photographing the land using a large format film camera.

David Tatnall’s photographs have been collected by The National Gallery of Victoria, The State Library of Victoria, Monash Gallery of Art, Australian Embassy in Washington USA, RMIT University Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam as well as many regional art galleries in Australia.

He has been awarded a lifetime achievement award for ‘an outstanding contribution to nature conservation in Victoria through photography’.

Exhibition: Nature in time: images from central Victoria

Some moments pass too quickly, some things are too small for the eye to catch, some too ‘ordinary’ to be noticed. Photography helps us fix them in the mind, invites us to feel their unique weight. Photographs by Patrick Kavanagh, Bronwyn Silver, Bernard Slattery and David Tatnall.

Venue: Newstead Arts Hub, 8A Tivey Street, Newstead

Dates: Sat 5 March to Sun 27 March, 10am-5pm, weekends and Labour Day

instagram: david_tatnall_photography

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