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Bernard Slattery


Ten years ago I took a photo of some wildflowers. It was terrible, but accidentally the camera picked up some strikingly interesting moss in the foreground. That photo introduced me to the wonderful world of bryophytes. That’s when I realised photography can reveal things even an attentive look can miss: a good picture carries a surprise, something in the frame you didn’t expect to be there. That ‘good picture’ is rare, but the search for it is what makes me go out with the camera.

Exhibition: Nature in time: images from central Victoria Some moments pass too quickly, some things are too small for the eye to catch, some too ‘ordinary’ to be noticed. Photography helps us fix them in the mind, invites us to feel their unique weight. Photographs by Patrick Kavanagh, Bronwyn Silver, Bernard Slattery and David Tatnall.

Venue: Newstead Arts Hub, 8A Tivey Street, Newstead

Dates: Sat 5 March to Sun 27 March, 10am-5pm, weekends and Labour Day

instagram: bernard.slattery

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